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Pretty Pink Pwnies. Two Dollar Horde. Spaceballs The Guild. Nightmare on elf street. Power Word Drunk. Built Horde Tough. Oprah Windfury. General Goods Merchant. Gnomeland Security..

Oct 1, 2019 · Best warlock name. WoW ClassicWoW Classic General Discussion. Lavafarts-frostmane October 1, 2019, 3:49pm 1. Whats the best/funniest warlock name youve come across? 2 Likes. Fùry-stormrage (Fùry) October 1, 2019, 5:40pm 2. I named my warlock sippycup but that’s more of a gnome meme than warlock. I like the name mordred or Felfire but they ... Nov 13, 2007 · The best Druid name I have ever seen was on a really dark Tauren, almost black. His name was simply Angus. A word which a real meat lover does not need an explanation for =) Last edited by Felet on 2008/06/03. As a ninja, you obtain certain responsibilities such as kicking asses and look cool and tough. Fail-druid. This name generator will give you 10 random goblin names fit for the World of Warcraft universe. Goblins are short, green humanoids with an obsession for money, explosives, technology, and more money. While the goblins are now part of the Horde, plenty of smaller goblin groups still prefer to stay neutral and instead sell their wares to whoever ...

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Are you looking for an awesome badass name for your paladin character in World of Warcraft? Join the discussion with other players and share your ideas or suggestions. You might find some inspiration from the names of other paladins, such as Holybull, Crusader, or Lightbringer. Sico4u. • 4 yr. ago. Well i have two priest between horde and alliance, I don't normally go for punny names but my holy priest is called Valkyrie ( Defo going kyrian ) and my shadow priest is named Absolution. Im gonna main my shaman myself in shadowlands and hopfully not get crushed the whole xpact. 2. Brewmaster Bubbletea (Monk) - I get a few whispers for this title/name combo. Harold the Herald of the Titans (gnome mage) one of my favorite title/name combos. Watashi the Wakener (warrior) - "I am the Wakened" loosely translated Shuppet the Southshore Slayer (undead warlock) - Its a cute name for an undead, title makes it super long.Kul Tiran mage named “Harripotamus”. 8 Likes. Arlin-darrowmere November 20, 2020, 11:06pm 13. I liked the name Baneraven for a mage, it was very mage-y. It was a old guildies name. Also seen Valdorian before, not sure what it’s from but I like it for a male Draenei. Donashello-area-52 November 20, 2020, 11:08pm 14.

23. SillySoulSeeker. Journey deep within, but never forget the fun in self-discovery. 24. PlayfulPotioneer. Mixing brews and elixirs, all with a hint of fun and mischief. 25. ChucklingChieftain. Lead with authority, but always find time for a hearty laugh.Please drop some inspiration below. Brookeshields. Keanu Reevives. Heal Jackman. Solid feedback there guys! Ended up going with shaquiloheal, as it's gonna be a disc pvp healer. After my rogue, Tomshanks, I decided to give priest a …Funny Gnome WoW Names. Baldwin Bafflegear – A name that implies a quirky and absent-minded personality. Cranky Crankshaft – A name that implies an irritable and eccentric personality. Daffy Dinklehopper – A playful name that …Jun 20, 2016 · Sausagewallet :wink: Hairygrowler :satisfied: Maryhinge, Totemmayhem, Hugebullocks :satisfied: Muffmauler :joy: Rhondaroguey :satisfied: Sneakybint. Female Tauren Names. Female Tauren are slightly shorter and lighter than the males and tend to focus more on spiritual things compared to fighting. Though there are some excellent female warriors as well. Magatha. As an elder crone, she uses her shamanistic powers to bring clarity and guidance to the clan.

pun. discus. holymoly. this may be too long but throwingshade would be a cool shadow priest name. for rp. whatever consonants or vowels sound good to your ear honestly. i have one named favlon. I think that’s a good priest name. 2 Likes. Rodayna-kiljaeden July 20, 2020, 10:51am 4.Hey guys, Basically, this thread is simply to discuss the funniest names you seen in WoW! My Favourite Names! 1. RestoFarian - Shaman Healer 2. Albinobeef - … ….

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The master wants MURDER. Lady Ashvane because she's the closest persona of a Karen in WoW. Ion Hazzikostas by a fair margin is the funniest NPC in WoW. 14 votes, 37 comments. By Quickill on 2008/10/10 at 10:11 AM (Patch 3.0.2) I really like the yiin and yaang. That being said the best hunter/ pet name combo I have ever seen as a hunter name Strongside and the pet named Leftside. That way it shows up as Leftside Strongside's pet. Second best I would have to say is a hunter named Bigal with a pet named Lemmiwinks.

Achievements: ( 11) Reputation: 239. By Redneckmilitia on 2013/11/24 at 6:37 PM (Patch 5.4.1) I want to make a new character as a Dwarf Hunter, what are some good, funny names? I have heard stuff like: ForestFires and the pet is Smokey. Hitlur and pet is Lur. LockNLol.In today’s digital age, having reliable internet access is essential for both business and personal use. WOW Internet is a leading provider of high-speed internet services that off...

sororities purdue Male Goblin WoW Names. Zazak – means “shadow” in goblin language. Grimgore – means “grim” or “harsh” in goblin language. Snotgurgle – a name given to goblins with a particularly snotty demeanor. Krikkrak – named after the sound that goblins make when they’re excited. Razzle – named after the goblin’s love for shiny ... Re: Funniest WoW names! Originally Posted by Diseous. Saw a Human male priest. Boytoucher. lol, thats hillarious. I always laugh when i see a certain lock posting something in the trade channel or something like that, hes name is Capslock and he only posts in caps... many people tell me thats the most funniest wow name they ever heard, my gnome ... herbal islandrosebud obituaries Go. Pick the most uncanny visage form you can and name it some form of "Zuckerberg". Finalhealzard for Preservation. I was really sad when I realized that MichelleVisage was slightly too long. I was wondering if the name "Drakkisath" would be available on retail, as it was the end boss of classic UBRS. 45 70 govt vs 444 marlin Pretty much this. Although i do love witty hunter/pet combo names For instance, a hunter named Kalgan (with some funny symbols) with Ghostcrawler as his pet Calvin and Hobbs always gets a lol out of me as well. TBH cant think of anymore real good ones ive seen. WTB more witty hunter/pet name combos! jewel brickyardaa e175ku power outages lexington ky Using that as my Druid mains name in Classic now. Reserved and ready to roll on Harold. Shale the Tauren druid. I had a lot of druid names over the years: Bess was my first ever druid (tauren). My second was Divinas (nightelf). I also had Cedar (resto ofc), and Mystie (night elf), Breece (worgen), and Linde (KT). flight 2081 frontier I prefer names that are either funny or pop culture references. My gnome warlock is named “Freemount”, but she’s from Vanilla. Warlocks and Pallies had a quest with a mount reward. My Void Elf lock is “Annoythevoid”, which is a spoof of the old Domino’s commercials: “Avoid the Noid”. bill's restaurant bloomfield hillscity landfill san antonio txeight towncenter apartments vancouver Vaelys-alleria June 20, 2020, 11:18pm 15. RP names represent. Wild-velen June 20, 2020, 11:20pm 16. If you’re chaotic evil, Bdarsuwwipfq. If you’re a true neutral, Shootybooty. If you’re a lawful good, Radhunter. Lurktek-wyrmrest-accord June 20, 2020, 11:21pm 17. Excuse me it should obviously be Lëğœľäš.Does anyone else have any funny mage names? Live PTR 10.2.7 PTR 10.2.6 Beta. Best name for a mage. Post Reply. Return to board index. Post by TheReal So I was running ...